Obsessed with Roommate

22 Aug 2014

Image via: Roommate SBS
Don't worry the title of this post isn't as crepy as it sounds. I haven't gone all Single White Female on you, nor am I talking about the creepy Leighton Meester / Minka Kelly movie - The Room Mate. I am refering to the  South Korean reality TV show currently on SBS - Roommate.

In a nutshell, Roommate is 11 Korean celebrities  - comedians, singers, 'idols', models, actors, actresses, sports personalitlies - ranging in age and fame, all brought together to live in a house filled with lots of cameras to watch their every move. Sound familiar?

Worth it's Weight in Alpha H - Liquid Gold

20 Aug 2014

Growing up, the age old adage of 'Cleanse. Tone. Moisturize' was drummed into me by my mum. I however, did  not understand the 'tone' part and so pretty much skipped that step until my mid '20s. That was until I discovered Liz Earle's Instant Boost Skin Tonic on good old QVC. It's a lovely floral concoction of natural goodness that feels nice and refreshing when spritzed on to the skin, and I still use it. Thankfully it is now more widely available across the UK and can even be ordered internationally from her website. 

Anyway, I digress...

Since my first foray into toners was a success for my skin, I've been more intrigued by them - especially exfoliating toners. Now that I'm in my '30s, I' suppose I'm trying to make up for the years and years of skin 'toning' that I missed out on. 

An exoliating toner is exactly what is sounds like it is - a liquid solution that exfoliates the skin without using beads, grains, scrubby things etc. Instead, it uses acids. Now before you run for the hills at the thought of putting acid on your face. Let me tell you that it's not as scary or as harsh as you think it sounds. 

Make & Do: Handprinted Stationery

13 Aug 2014

Work in Progress. Image made using - Studio
Making something takes me to my happy place.
People often talk about the rush of endorphins they get from doing things that make them happy, well making stuff does that for me. After a day of writing at the computer, sometimes all I need to do is get out my pens, watercolours, and a notebook and just doodle.

However, there are days when I want to actually make something tangible. I am by no means a professional arts & crafter, and a lot of what I do is trial and error, and often looks like a 6-year old made it (no offence 6 year olds) but it is the process of 'making' that I find most pleasing.

About a month ago now, I decided I wanted to make some stationery so that I could write some letters, you know - taking communication back to the old-school. So, I got out my tools and did just that...

SEINFELD - Funny then, Still funny now

9 Aug 2014

Image via: Parade.condenast.com

"Say Vandelay!"

This quote screamed by George as he runs across the room with trousers around his ankles before tripping and falling has got to be one of my all time favourite Seinfeld moments. 

In the last couple of months, Edward and I have watched all of Seinfeld again, and I must say it's as funny now as it was then. In fact, I think I found it funnier this time round. 

The antics and coffee shop conversations of these four New York friends who seem to be irritated by the world around them, and at times with each other, just entertain me. 

Seoul Adventures Part 2 - Food

3 Aug 2014

Korean pancakes and salads
When visiting a new place, food is just as important as seeing the sights. Well, I think so anyway. It doesn't have to be a fancy, 'trendy', or expensive. It just has to be yum. Here's Part 2 of my Seoul Adventures - the selection of food I ate whilst in Seoul.  *Warning*  may cause hunger.

Seoul Adventures Part 1 - Shopping

1 Aug 2014

Mirror Selfie in Seoul
Greetings from Seoul!
Ok, technically I've been back from Seoul for a week now, but I just wanted to share some of my Seoul adventures with you.

If you want to know about the travel aspect of the trip: who we flew with and where we stayed etc. you're in luck. You can read all about it on my travel blog where I've done a whole post on - Where I Stayed  - Seoul.

If you want to read about shopping and food in Seoul, then get comfy. First up - SHOPPING...

It's A Family Affair: Meet My Insta-Family

23 Jul 2014

Meet my family on Instagram by Jess on hellojesso.com
L-R: Top: @edwardkb || @jeromecan Bottom: @reycanlasjr || @keso_k
When I say 'Insta-family' I'm not talking about the people who I've met and become friends with through Instagram, I'm talking about my actual family on Instagram.

You know how the saying goes - "The family that 'grams together stays together." That's how it goes, right?

Ok, so let me introduce you...

What's on my face - Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy

21 Jul 2014

I thought buying make-up in Hong Kong would be easy. Big city, lots of expats to cater for, and since I'm of South East Asian descent, I thought if there's anywhere I'm going to be able to buy the right colour match for my skin, it would be around this part of the world, right?  Wrong. I went to buy my usual foundation Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in shade B50 and was told... "No, too dark." They didn't stock B50. The darkest shade they had was B30. Whaaat?

Anyway, long story short - I am only able to get that foundation now when travelling or if friends come to visit. This meant I had to look for alternatives. Since it was so hot and humid here, I found I was not actually wearing foundation as much as it would basically just slide off my face. Turns out, foundation did not stand a chance against the tag-team of my face grease and sweat. Attractive, I know.

My search for alternatives did not get very far. I went back to another foundation I liked - Skin by Bobbi Brown, at least this foundation had a wide variety of shades. Next, came Dr Jart's Water Fuse BB Cream that I bought from Sasa, my first foray into BB creams. Which leads me to what I'm using now - Benefit's Bigger Than BB Big Easy.

Time to Party Party! - Fun Photo Apps

19 Jul 2014

Fun Photo Apps by Jess on hellojesso.com
Made with: Party Party

Whoa! I bet this was more of my face than you were expecting to see. Probably should have put a warning up. Oh well. 

The other day as I was doing some essential reading - i.e. catching up on my favourite blogs, I came across this post from A Beautiful Mess. They had launched a new app called - Party Party.
It was an app that basically turned your smart phone into a photobooth-in-your-pocket. However, the feature that intrigued me the most was the ANIMATED GIFS! I couldn't press my thumb print down fast enough to confirm my purchase from the App store. If you haven't already guessed, I love a .gif. 

I do quite like these fun photo apps. Sometimes you just want to pull a funny face and be ridiculous. So apart from Party Party here are some more of my faves currently on my iPhone...

Beauty Chores: Cleaning Make-Up Brushes

14 Jul 2014

How I clean my make up brushes by HelloJesso.com

Even though I try not to wear much make-up in the hot and humid weather of Hong Kong, sometimes needs must and make-up brushes must be used. This also means, that said make-up brushes must also be cleaned. Snooooooze.

Cleaning make-up brushes isn't the most thrilling of tasks, but if there is something that will get the job done quickly and get the job done right, then I am all for it.