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24 Sep 2006

Am I Mutton?

Mutton dressed as lamb is a phrase that no woman wants directed at her, and I hope that as I get older I will have the style wisdom to know what suits me so that this is a label never applied to me.

What got me thinking about this mutton concept was the other day whilst out and about I looked around me and realised I was wearing a similar outfit to a group of 12-16 year old girls. Arrrrrrrrrrgh!! All of a sudden I felt so wrong in what I was wearing.
At 27 years of age, was I considered ‘mutton dressed as lamb? Should I sign up for my John Lewis account card and start getting those tapered cotton twill trousers that already come with a reversible belt?

I was wearing a version of this look. A casual outfit I had been wearing for sometime now, an outfit I felt comfortable leaving the house in (until now). I love footless tights and think they are a godsend (I recommend Tabio). Footless tights meant you could wear a short skirt without showing off to much flesh and be safe in the knowledge that should you drop something, you could pick it up without any embarrassment.

About a month ago I did already suspect that maybe I would have to retire/revise this outfit as the girls I saw wearing it were getting younger and mentioned my theory to my friend. At 28 years old she told me not be silly and gave me a pep talk 'your only as old as you feel, we looked younger than we actually are (which is true as we are always getting asked for ID)...etc'

I know I am not old and I know I certainly do not dress inappropriately for my age, which made me think was it these girls dressing older rather than me dressing younger?
I came to the conclusion that the look of denim mini and footless tights made popular by Kate and Sienna, had now just filtered down to the mainstream. By young teenage girls adpoting this look , it made the outfit seem younger and kid appropriate. I saw a version of footless tights and little denim mini complete with patchwork flower on a mannequin in the kids department of Marks and Spencers!!

Don't get me wrong, as much as I love fashion I do not try and replicate every trend straight off the catwalk, I wear what feels comfortable to me. I will keep wearing footless tights (for now) but maybe not with a denim skirt. I'll stick to shift dresses, longer lengthed skirts and maybe underneath my shorts... who knows. But that's what I love about fashion, the options are endless.

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  1. Anonymous2:35 am

    Y'see, it's funny you should mention this. Earlier today, I was watching The X Factor (I'm done with it now the auditions are finished - I only like checking out the deluded morons) and I noticed that, during the ad breaks, almost every product was aimed at pre-teen girls.

    Fine, fine, you may say - a lot of young girls will be watching and this is a good way to reach the target audience.... except that every product seemed like a gateway towards shopping for clothes.

    From dolls that come with '3 funky fashions' to a newer version of one of those make-up heads (why do all dolls nowadays look like they've been plastic surgeried up to the max? Bratz, for example?) to - and get this, this one was the sucker punch - a handheld computer game for 8-year-olds which is ALL ABOUT SHOPPING!

    Conclusion - greedy bastards are trying to hook kids when they are younger and younger in an effort to ensure that they grow up knowing nothing BUT mindless consumerism and the quest for the latest 'must-have' item.

    Ergo, you are not dressing like a small child, small children are being brainwashed into dressing like adults. Keep rocking the footless tights, they look good on you.

    Rant over.