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18 Sep 2006

I need a Wii...

OOOOOoooo look at it... so pretty. I cannot wait until it's launch.
Roll on 8th December.
As I have mentioned I love my DS Lite and I love my PS2, but the games on the Wii look so much fun.

I am not the most technically abled game player and can only play games that don't require a lot of skill. For instance I am good at Tekken and other beat em ups as I just bash on all the buttons and as if by magic can string together a million hit combo. My opponent stands no chance from my rapid fire attacks. I am bad at Pro Evo as I just cannot keep up with all the little footballers on the screen. I don't even know which players are mine and should I, by some freak accident end up with the ball, I don't know which way to go. I am good at Burnout as all I have to do is crash the cars and create lots of havoc and carnage,done and done. I am bad at Gran Turismo. So you get the idea..

Hence why I love Eyetoy games, Singstar, Buzz, Guitar Heroes etc. Where I find the onus is more on fun and participation, than on how good you are (unless you happen to be uber competitive). From what I have seen there will be games like this on the Wii, which is all I need.

I like having stuff to look forward to. I probably won't get it at launch but I will definitely be getting it (or go halvsies with my brother).

For those of you who have not seen the trailer, feast your beady eyes on this:

I am such a big kid. I am into serious issues as well....So what about that Global Warming?....

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