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11 Sep 2006

No one funnier than my Mum

So my mum popped by today, just to say Hi and drop off some food (Aren't mum's great?!!)
But before she got here she thought she would call.

Home Phone: Ring, Ring
Me:Hi Mum (I knew it was her as I have Caller ID)
Mum:Ah (sounding surprised that someone answered the phone) Hello, where are you?...At home?.
Me: Yes, You just called me at home....!!!
Mum and I: Laugh ha ha ha...

Simple yet funny incident...
My mum then proceeeds to ramble on about how she's getting old, losing it a little, etc.

It's little things like this that make us laugh, bless her.

She has just left but not before she makes us laugh one more time.
My dad is explaining to us (me, my brother and my mum) where he is going to put up some shelves.
My mum has little faith that my dad will get round to doing this. So once my dad has finished explaining, my mum says:
Mum:When are you going to do that?...Nineteen-Forgotten?

This is not a phrase we have heard our mum ever use and so my brother and I start laughing.

She starts to chuckle and she walks away and my poor dad, rather disheartened goes to the loo.
I call after my mum,
Me:Where did you learn that phrase?
Mum:What?...I am not afraid!

Oh dear. Going deaf and crazy.

I love my mum (and my dad)

She is coming back round again tomorrow...


  1. Your mum is hilarious! Remember that time when she made me laugh when I was sitting in your room? and you were all in the kitchen? What did she say agian?

  2. Ahhh yes that was a funny story. I shall post it up in the main blog..
    Your ma is just as funny, maybe we should put them in a room together and see what they can come up with.
    It'll be £250 in the bag if we then send it to 'You've been framed'.