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14 Sep 2006

Rediscovering Sex and The City

I couldn't sleep last night and so I thought I would pop in a dvd and see if that would help. Answer: No.
The reason being, I got so engrossed in what I was watching I forgot all about needing to sleep.

I chose 'Sex and The City: Season 4' as I thought quick short episodes as opposed to a two hour movie.

I opted for my favourite episode 'The Good Fight' where Aiden moves in with Carrie and they fight about Aiden's stuff being all over the apartment, Carrie feeling claustrophobic and the catalyst..Pete the dog eats Carrie's favourite Manolos.
I love this scene and can watch it again and again.

I have the complete Sex and The City collection and watch them occasionally when there is nothing else on TV or want to look at pretty clothes and accessories, but what made it different this time was I watched the episode with Michael Patrick King's commentary on.

Normally the only extras on a DVD I will watch are the bloopers or deleted scenes. Extra commentary annoyed me as it was like having someone yak yak yak in your ear while you watched the movie/programme. (If I wanted someone to yak in my ear I would have watched it with my mum)

I don't know what possessed me to do it, maybe it was the urge to do something different as I had seen this episode without the commentary 100 times before.
And do you know what?... It was great! It gave me an insight into the thought process behind the writing and filming of an episode. How some details were accidental, what was deliberate, what was ad-libbed and what were in-jokes or references to episodes in earlier seasons. Amazing. It just made me notice things in the episode that I hadn't previously and probably would have never noticed.

So I watched 'The Good Fight' and 2 more episodes. The only way I was going to get to sleep was if I turned it all off. Which I did.

However, I will be returning to the world of New York to see Carrie and co. and I will be taking Michael as my tour guide through the city and the relationships between the girls and the men they encounter.

I recommend if you are a girl and have the DVDs, to watch the episodes with the commentary on...Go on you know you want to.

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