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13 Sep 2006

R.I.P Make Up

As I have some free time on my hands at the moment, I thought now would be a perfect opportunity to have a clear out and do a few home improvements.

Today was the day I tackled my make up box.

I love make up and all things beauty related, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, primers... you name it I've probably tried it. So as you can imagine I had a fair bit of work ahead of me.

I emptied out all my make up and cosmetics on to the floor and settled down with a black bin liner next to me ready to be ruthless.
This task took me most of the day as I stopped and played with every single item. Remembering why I bought it, when I bought it and where I bought it. By then end I looked like some crazy reject from a glam rock tribute band.

Oh it was a sad moment. I did feel bad as I thought of all the money and waste that this bin liner now represented and what I could do with that money now - probably to buy more cosmetics.. ha ha.
I can't be too sad though as I did get use out of these items. Looking back, these items were most likely bought on impulse and looking at my face in the mirror now, 'what was I thinking?' (Clearly, I wasn't).

So my make up box is now looking more streamlined and the clean up continues. Tomorrow... I tackle sorting Photo's and ummm...I'll think of something. (Yeah right)

It seems such a waste to just throw these things out so I'm going to donate it all to the nearest clown college. Point me in the direction of the nearest Big Top please ....Too Too too roo loo roo to to la la ..... you know the clown song.

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