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29 Sep 2006

Think Pink

October is literally right around the corner and we are coming in to the final quarter of the year. Clocks are about to go back and S.A.D will start to set in ...

So how about a little sparkle in your life to brighten up your day and also support a good cause?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and this is a chance to do a good deed. Now some of us aren't cut out to run marathons, abseil for charity or do other physically demanding activities.

But how much effort would it be to spend an extra £1 whilst out shopping? Yes that's right a whole £1 will make you the proud owner of this stunning badge. Which can adorn your lapel or wherever you trendsetters would like to pin it.

Maybe we could interest you in a two-tone number for the Lavender Trust.

Should you want to splash the cash, you could opt for this Julien McDonald crystal design (£5)....

... Or should you want more crystal for your money you could buy the Swarovski crystal Breast Cancer Ribbon pin a bargain at £10.

Whichever you decide to buy the most important reason is to support the cause. As explains:

Why get In the Pink?

Within the next 15 minutes, someone will be told they have breast cancer. By getting In the Pink you will be actively helping us to achieve our ambitious plans to develop our support and information services, for all people living with breast cancer.

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