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19 Oct 2006

Bo! In the USA

In the words on Mel B 'Still got it'!
Bo Selecta 1 and 2 were works of comedy genius but then it all went a bit pear shaped with Season 3. I thought that was it, Leigh Francis would lay Avid Merrion to rest .

However, like a big ginger phoenix rising from the ashes, Avid and co are back in Bo! In the USA.

There has only been one episode so far, but what a good episode. The old favourites were back Michael Jackson -'Chamone, Muthaf****s', Craaaaaaaig David & Kez, Mel B and The Bear.
I was half hoping that Craig David would no longer be in it to allow the real Craig David to have a career again. But I am so glad he is in it.
There is no sign (yet) of Ozzie, Avid's strange neighbour. Instead his companion in the US is his sister/wife. Yes, Avid has taken the leap into incest.

One of this week's guests was Jenny McCarthy who was such a good sport and played along with The Bear, at one point even getting on her knees to give him head... oooh I say. Shannen Doherty on the other hand looked so confused as if questioning what she had agreed to, she had to try very hard to hold back the laughter.

Avid is back and as celebrity obsessed as ever and la la land is like his holy grail, so putting the two together can only result in some laughter inducing tv.

Next Week: Justin Timberlake.

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