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15 Oct 2006


Grillz - Nelly sang about them, Flavor Flav has been rocking fronts since the 80's and now Kelis, P-Diddy, et al wear them and you can even order them on line to be delivered within 24 hours should you be in urgent need for grillz.
W H A T ???

There was a time when having a mouth full of metal meant you were a social pariah and were labelled brace face or metal mouth.
Now, add a couple of jewels and having a mouth full of metal means (in the immortal words of Dave Chappelle's Rick James) I'm Rich Bitch!!

Why would you wear these?... Even if you did have more money than sense, surely you could see that there must be a better way to spend your money rather than pimping out your mouth.

Fair enough to Kelis (who I actually think has enough attitude and is cool enough to pull Grillz off) and the other hip-hop fashionistas who sport grillz, we understand you want to make a statement. At least they have the $$$ to invest (I use this term in the loosest possible way) in platinum settings and real diamonds.

Now you regular folk -Just No! Don't go and get knock offs, cubic zirconias just don't have the same effect. Why would you want them anyway?... If you are so desperate for some oral hardware take a trip to your orthodontist I am sure he/she can sort you out.

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