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1 Oct 2006

Now Boarding...

Booo hoooo.... family visit is over.

After going to bed at 4am and getting an hour and a half of sleep, I was back up and lugging suit cases to the airport.

To say their luggage was a 'tad' over the allowed weight restriction would be lying. They were so excessivley over, I was sweating for them as they checked in.
I hoped I didn't look suspicious, I could just imagine what was going on in surveillance "shifty looking female, dressed in all black, sweating. Check In Zone M"
I had prepared myself for them having to open up their cases for all of Terminal 1 to see and leaving stuff with me to bring back home.
However, my glowing (after all women don't sweat, we glow) was all in vain as their luggage was allowed on with no questions asked. Sweet.

Ten days has gone so fast. At first it felt like they were here forever and now it seems like they were only here for a minute.

My days as a tour guide are over. Ney mind... back to whatever it was I used to do before they arrived.

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