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9 Nov 2006

Broadband Woes

I the Internet.

It really is an information super highway. Anything you want to know, you can find it, thanks to the wealth of information available at the end of your fingertips.
It has revolutionised the dissemination of information and allows us to do fun things like blogging. Heck, you don't even have to leave your house to meet people. All you have to do is log on.

So after having readily available access to the Internet for so long and getting used to it being there whenever I needed it, like a reliable old friend. You can imagine my reaction should I turn on my Mac and be greeted by a 'unable to connect' message. Arrrrrgggh.

However, in this case seeing this message was a good sign. Why? you may ask. Well pull up a pew and I'll tell you.

I can't even remember when I first got connected to the internet but it was on 56K Dial Up (you know, the one that made the screechy sound as it tried to connect) and my ISP was Freeserve. Back in the day, what did I need it for? email and surfing the net. If I tried to download a song (yes, song-singular) it would have taken me a fair while. Anyhoo... whilst with Freeserve I ditched the dial up for Broadband which was not a smooth transition at all. Modem, filters blah blah I originally received did not work and had to wait for replacements before I could get back on the net.

I don't remember there being the plethora of choice in Internet service providers that we have now, so I never thought about changing. Freeserve became Wanadoo, and as I was an existing customer I just went along for the ride. Promises of ever increasing speed (8Mb, which never happened) and competitive monthly rates.... pah! What I got instead was significant down times and outages which increased in frequency. What the hell was I paying for?

Next chapter - Orange took over Wanadoo and nothing improved, if anything (if at all possible) things got worse. More down times, more outages and I had had enough. I called for my MAC code only to be told by an operator 'it may take a while to generate as a lot of people are requesting them"... now there is a good advert for your service. I got passed on to the obligatory 'what if we give you this XX?' service, to see if they could retain my custom. I was offered a lower monthly fee and (get this) "what if we actually give you the 8Mb you are meant to be getting?"...WHAT?... I thought, if you are offering to actually 'give' me the 8Mb now, what was I paying for before??? Suffice to say I declined their offer and took my MAC code to Be.

So here we are- present day and I am now with Be and It has not been without it's hiccups. (Don't worry not long to go now, before the beginning ties up with the end of the story)
As soon as I received my MAC code, I placed my order with Be. Everything was confirmed and it all seemed quite efficient. I got my email confirming Be was available in my area, when the 1st payment would be debited, dispatch date for my Be Box and the all-important activation date 6th November. I could not wait.

It was made very clear to not plug in the Be Box until connection to my previous provider has ceased, but they could not tell me what time this would be. Morning of the 6th I got up, turned on my Mac and ... poo, still had access to the Internet. I left it alone and figured I would just keep using the computer and when connection dropped it would 'Be' time.. (see what I did there?)
However, I stayed connected. I tried to call Ruvjet but to no avail because the phone line was dead. No dial tone, no nothing, I could not make or receive calls. I then noticed that my caller ID box said 'Phone in Use'... huh?? I was confused.
Called BT who claimed there was no fault on my line and logged the whole farce with Be. I had read on some forums that some people had experienced connection delays but messing with my phone line was apparently not normal.

All of the 7th no change, no Be and no phone. Still had Internet, which was a plus I suppose albeit provided by the people I wanted to leave. I Called Be and was told there was nothing they could do until they heard back from BT.

So here is the good part... I was woken up this morning by the sound of my phone ringing. Woo hoo... my phone line was back in action. I turned on my computer and saw the long awaited for 'unable to connect' message. Yippee. Free from Orange. I plugged in my Be Box and I am away on the information super highway.

Two days late... I can forgive all fairness up until that point they had been very efficient and they did keep me up to date on the progress of my fault. I have high hopes for this ISP so I'll see how we get on.... fingers crossed and lets hope it is the end of my broadband woes.

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Happy Surfing!!

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