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10 Nov 2006

Victor and Rolf Fever Hits the High Street

When I heard the news that Viktor and Rolf had joined forces with H&M, I was giddy with excitement. At previous H&M collaborations -Karl Lagerfeld & Stella McCartney- I was there, not necessarily at doors opening, but I was there. So in the lead up to the 9th of November I repeatedly visited H&M's website making a wish list of what I wanted from the collection... not much just a couple of shirts. However, as funds are running low I was not getting too attached to avoid any disappointment.

I am not a big fan of crowds and the thought of being in a scrum for some shirts was all to much to bear. I thought I'll pop along about an hour after doors opening as I figured most people would have to be at work and the furor would have died down allowing people a little more elbow room and space to breath.

I was right. I went to H&M High Street Kensington and the store seemed calm, no stampede, no fights... where was everybody? I made my way upstairs and to the back of the store where there was only a handful of people in the victor & Rolf section. Everything seemed quite civilised. I felt relieved I had missed the madness and would be able to browse in peace. Oh yes, I would be able to browse in peace, but the problem was there was nothing left!

Well I exaggerate, there was stuff left but not the stuff I had marked out on my wish list. I browsed the rest of the store and saw some nice bits and pieces, but left empty handed. I took it as a sign from the financial gods that it was not meant to be.

However, all was not lost as next stop was H&M Oxford Street. By now it was lunch time and I actually felt scared as I came down the escalator. Obviously people who hadn't been able to be there at opening time were ready to forego eating this lunch hour and feed their shopping appetite instead.
I couldn't even get close to the rails. I did see lots of empty racks and shelves and the queues at the tills were ridiculous. The women in the queue were clutching their finds tight as other shoppers circled them waiting to see if any of the items would be discarded. I was in the store all of 10 minutes and then I left. Ney mind.

Anyhoo, to see what happened when the doors opened at Oxford street, Catwalk Queen braved the crowds and filmed the madness.

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