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24 Nov 2006

What Do You Call Yours?

Seriously people...minds out of the gutters.

The other day Ruvjet was showing my brother and I a scene out of Arrested Development (funny, funny, funny ass sh*t... and I have never sworn on this blog, so that's saying something) where Tobias says something along the lines of "my cellular telephone is a lemon". We just found it so funny that he called it a cellular telephone, oh and it was the way he said it.

Anyway, so I gots to thinking (Carrie Bradshaw stylee) why do some people call it a 'Cell Phone", you know as in "I'm on my cell'' and others call it a 'Mobile Phone'? Well I suppose the simplest reasons are; the first one has just been shortened from cellular telephone and the latter because it is a portable/mobile telephone device. However, what I mean is who decides which one should be used and how does it stick? If anyone knows or can shed any light on this mystery please put your answers on a postcard and send them to Jim'll Fix It.

I personally call my phone Phoney McRingring (no copying now or I'll come and get you!), it is a phone and it rings. I added the 'Mc' for novelty and cuteness factor.

So anyway I decided that until we find out who officially makes these decisions, I am. So from now on it will no longer be called Cell phone but 'Cell Tel' and Mobile phone will forever be called 'Mopho'... oh no, that won't work.

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