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12 Nov 2006

Why is Leona on the X-Factor?

My favourite part of any reality talent contest a la X-Factor, are the auditions. However, I normally get sucked in and keep on watching when it turns into a competition..Damn you TV!

I must admit though I normally prefer the cheesefest that is US American Idol, to our UK offerings. I always think that the standard of talent on offer always seems a little better stateside (Is it bad of me to say that?) This years X-Factor on the other hand has changed my opinion.

With a plethora of talented singers (except for the MacDonald Brothers... I'm sorry to anyone who likes them, but when I look at them I just think of Hobbits) battling it out for a shot at the big time, the standard has been raised.

At the moment I am enjoying hearing Leona Lewis sing and hope she goes on to be the first female winner of X-Factor (even though she does do that whole annoying convulsive chin thing). Why is Leona on the X-Factor? I don't understand how she was not discovered before this, the girl can friggin' sing!!

Due to her exposure on the X-Factor, Leona's talent is fast being recognised that even celebrity aficionado Perez Hilton has been singing (no pun intended) her praises.

After Nikitta was voted off last night by her own mentor, Simon Cowell, that leaves Leona as the only girl in the competition. If by some freak incident, she does not win I'm sure she will still come out on top with record labels fighting to sign her. If she does win, I'm sure she'll do better than previous winners Steve Brookstein & Shayne Ward.
Her Mum on the other hand is not so confident in her daughter's chances of winning. Not because she thinks her daughter lacks talent, but because...oh i'll let you read the article.

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