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12 Nov 2006

Wi-Fi Loser

I finally got my wireless router all working at the beginning of the week, and my next task was to take advantage of my Nintendo DS Lite's Wi-Fi capabilities.

I only have one Wi-Fi game- the classic that is Mario Kart. However, the rest of my friends are still not Wi-Fi enabled.
So, I thought let me find some opponents out in the ether. I chose the world wide option, why not cast my net out wide?
It took a while to locate 3 other players, but eventually all lights were flashing and a race was under way.

Just before the race starts, you get some basic stats of your opponents, name, wins and losses. As I was new to this whole thing, mine said Wins-zero / Losses- Zero, whilst the people I was up against had stats that looked more like: Wins -7,563,218, Losses - 2. I may have exaggerated a little but you get my point. Me thinks I was slightly out of my depth.

Predictably I lost the 3 out of the 4 races, in one of them I came 3rd...suck on that whatever your name was!!

I have played again since and my winning streak has yet to start, so I am officially a cyber loser.

I will practice hard and Princess Daisy and I will come back and victory will be ours!!

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