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3 Dec 2006

Britney Arrested for Indecent Exposure

Not really! but she should be.

Now that ol' Britters and new BFF Paris Hilton are out celebrating her new single status and partying their way across the US, it seems she has forgotten one important thing - her knickers.
I know that The Superficial and Egotastic reported on this a while ago, but I am only getting round to putting my two pennies worth in now.
Who needs to see Britney's vagina 3 times?... and counting, I am sure that is not its last outing.
One time = oops, and could be written off as an accident. However, two more times ?? Either Britney is really dozy or is desperately seeking our attention. It's a tough call.

Bit of advice Britney, waving your vagina at us is not helping. Yes it may be getting people's attention, but it is not the good kind.

How proud your mother must be and way to show K-Fedex (literally) what he has been missing. I'm sure all this vagina flashing will do wonders for your potential ensuing custody battle.

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