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15 Dec 2006

Filipino Bashing

As I mentioned earlier, I have bagged myself a part time job and just in case you were interested it is in a bookshop. Anyway, my main duty involves covering the till during the lunchtime stampede. However, the other day during a rare quiet moment in the shop, I over heard this exchange:

Guy: (as he browses through a book) Oh the Philippines looks lovely, that is somewhere I would really like to go. It looks beautiful.

Ugly Wench: Mumble, mumble, mumble, shit, mumble, mumble.

Guy: What? Is it not nice? Have you been there? But it looks so beautiful. (Continues to flick through book)

Ugly Wench: It's not very nice; there is nothing to see. It's really dirty and smelly and all the people are really rude.

Guy: Oh... (continues to mumble about how it looks so nice)

Guy's mum: Really? It looks like such a nice place and all the Filipinos I have ever met have all been lovely.

Ugly Wench: That is because they are not in the Philippines.

Now if I didn't care about being fired, that Ugly Wench would have promptly found herself with a Filipino shaped dent in her head, i.e. me.

How dare she go around bad mouthing Philippines and Filipinos. For those a bit slow on the uptake, I am Filipino. Now I wouldn't consider myself to be uber patriotic or anything, I wasn't even born there. I was born and raised here in London, but my parents and my family are from the Philippines and a slur against the Philippines is a slur against them, ergo, me and I am not having that.

Did she ever stop to think what a huge sweeping generalisation she was making? Yes, she may have gone to parts of the Philippines that are a little run down and dirty, but the whole country is not a rubbish site. The people she may have met may have been rude, probably because with her stinky attitude, she was rude first. Git.

End Rant.

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