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15 Dec 2006

I Haven't Forgotten.

You guys thought I had forgotten all about you, well I haven't. I've just been busy as I got myself a little Chrimbo job for some extra spondoolicks. I started at the beginning of December and am now completing my second week and do you know what? Going back to the shop floor has not been that daunting. It's like riding a bike, kind of, not at all but you get my drift.
Well what's with the picture of someone about to hurl you may ask, and the answer is this: I had to call in sick on my second day as I had some weird tummy thing. Some of you cynics out there will roll your eyes and go "yeah, yeah" well it was true. On the Monday night I came over all nauseous and went to bed early and then I woke up in the middle of the night and just started projectile vomiting all over the bath room. This continued all night, on the hour every hour. Not pleasant. Dizzy, weak and unable to stand, I couldn't hold anything down. I felt like the biggest slacker having to call in. I am all better now though. That is the story of my first few days of work, the end.

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