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8 Jan 2007

Grumpy Shoppers

This was something else I was meant to blog about before the end of 2006, but didn't get round to it, so here it is.
For Christmas I got myself a part time job in a bookstore for some extra cash. It has been a while since I have been on the shop floor, but it's been ok. What I was going to blog about was: Christmas Shoppers.
Some are nice, some are quiet and some are just downright rude.

Obviously Christmas is the busiest time of year and people seem to go mental in the shops and lose all logic, reason and basic common courtesy. So, here are some tips to think about and prepare yourself for later on in the year.

- Do not tut and groan about having to wait in a queue for ages. If you are going to come at lunchtime, at the same time as everyone else, of course it is going to be busy, so deal with it.
- Whilst waiting in the queue, why not prepare your method of payment so that when you get to the till and we announce the total, you don't look at us like we have asked for your first-born child. Then spend the next 5 minutes rifling through your bag for your wallet.
- "How would you like to pay?" is not a trick question or a hard question, nor is "would you like a bag for that?" The answers are either cash/card or yes/no. Please commit these to memory, as I am sure you will encounter them at a later date.
- A please and thank you would also not go a miss.

These are just the basics.

Anyhoo, Christmas shopping mania is now over so everyone can just relax.

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