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20 Feb 2007

Find the Funny in Everything

The other night, our friends managed to get some free (I love that word) tickets for the recording of Paramount's The World Stands Up' - a showcase of stand up comics from around the world.

Now, you never know what you are going to get at these shows and can only pray that on the night that you go, the people performing are funny. Not regular funny, but make you cry, gasp for breath kind of funny. Funny with a capital 'E'! I wanted to laugh hard. My expectations were high since I had crossed the river and ventured into South London to go and see this thing, so the pressure was on.

None of us wanted to sit at the front, for fear of being picked on by the comic, so we found some seats a suitable distance away from the stage. i.e the first floor.

The comedians, whose names I don't remember (not because they weren't funny, but becuase I didn't catch them over the noise) were suprisingly funny. Some were funnier than others, but all in all a good night.

The only downer was the last comedian. He was NOT funny. It seemed like such a shame to end the show with him. He should be thankful I don't remember his name, so I can't name and shame him as much as I want. All that I can remember is that, he was a mumbly Irish man, sang a song about his kitchen drawers, talked about his eyebrows and did a little jig. Boooooooooo!!! Avoid at all costs.

The two I liked the most were Will Smith (no not the Fresh Prince of Bel Air), this Will Smith a floppy haired, unusually tall Hugh Grant type and Stephen K Amos. Both were hilarious (move over Nick Cannon.... anyone geddit?) Both had intelligent acts that tickled the audience into fits of laughter. They are both comedians I would love to watch again.

Stephen K Amos said something along the lines of 'finding the funny in everything, because it's happening all around you' and it's true!

Anyhooo... here is a little taster of Mr Amos' act when he performed in Melbourne. Enjoy and laugh heartily.

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