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26 Feb 2007

Looking for the Funny contd...

In my post Find the Funny in Everything, I wrote about how Stephen K Amos said that funny was all around us, we just had to look for it.

Well I can tell you that I have put out my 'funny feelers', and lo and behold I found some funny.

Most people think that working in a bookshop must be boring and geeky, and probably put it on a par with being a librarian. Well, you'd be wrong. It's a breeding ground for funny. My favourite line from a customer is: "I'm looking for a book..." You're in a bookshop! Of course you're looking for a book! However, this is not the funny I speak of, that is just an example of stupid.

Funny numero 1: A woman comes up to me at the information desk with a list of books she is trying to find. Well done to her for being prepared.
I take a look at the titles and hold back the chuckle trying to escape.

Book 1-How To Microwave: Discover The True Magic of this Amazing Appliance I kid you not. Surely when you buy a microwave it already comes with this book. It's called the INSTRUCTIONS! What's to know? You pop in your food, flick a switch and you wait for the Ping. Voila. This book is 125 pages, what could the author possibly have written for 125 pages? Maybe she wrote in font size a million. Anyhoo, on to the next book.

Book 2- The Classic 1000 Microwave Recipes.
If you can take the time and effort to follow a recipe, chop up ingredients and mix them all up. Why not just cook on a regular stove? It defeats the whole point of a microwave. Maybe I should have made her aware that you can actually buy ready meals now. M&S do some good ones.

Funny numero 2: As I was shelving some fiction, I came across the book Fried Green Tomatoes at Whistlestop Cafe. The author's name is Fannie Flagg !! Excuse me for being childish, but her name is Fannie Flagg. Her real name is Patricia Neal, but she couldn't use it in a professional capacity, as there was an already famous Patricia Neal. So, if she had to change her name, bearing in mind she could have chosen anything, the best she could come up with was Fannie Flagg. I suppose no one else is going to be called Fannie Flagg.

There you have it, funnies I found at work that made me laugh.

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