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9 Feb 2007

White Out

As we all know is snowed today. Some schools were closed, transport was disrupted and everyone complained about how cold it was. What do you expect? It's winter. We live in the UK and not the tropics, why is it always such a shock?

Anyhoo, when I got up this morning, the snow was untouched and everything looked so pretty. However, by the time I left the house it was starting to turn into sludge. Booooo.

As I walked slipped and slid my way to the bus stop, a man walked passed me wearing... Flip-flops!! Kudos for taking on mother nature, but he is just asking for frost bite.

Obviously because it was cold, everyone was wearing about 7 layers of clothes to keep them warm outdoors, myself included. However, when I got on the bus, where the bus driver had turned the heating on full blast. I quickly realised I had too many clothes on and it felt like a sauna. I'm sure I was not the only one suffering in the stifling heat but everyone stayed silent. No one would open a window, trapping in the heat and everyones morning breath. Bleurgh! Seriously, some of you need to be a bit more through with the tooth brush and maybe invest in some mouthwash. Judging by the smell on the bus, some of you have a bad case of the halitosis and are long overdue a trip to the dentist. Oh, and by the way if you are going to cough, cover your mouth. Don't cough in someone's face, that's just gross. Did your ma not teach you anything?

By the time I reached my destination, the snow had gone. Who knows when we'll see it again, what with global warming and all. That was my day in the snow. Not much happened, just came across more things to gripe about. Hope you all had fun and enjoyed it whilst it lasted. Back to school tomorrow kids!

Over and Out.

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