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5 Mar 2007

Americal Idol: Top 20 become the Top 16

As I went Roller Disco, I missed American Idol. Ney mind, as I was able to see it via the power of repeats and downloads. Yey for technology.

So after strong performances from Lakisha and Jordin last week, I expected everyone to up their game this week. Did they?

After watching the shows, the boys again failed to wow me, and I am struggling to remember their names as they are all so forgettable. Except SANJAYA!! Who complete with Michael Jackson inspired wardrobe and small whispery voice, is memorable for all the wrong reasons. Who the hell voted to keep him in? What are you thinking!!

The girls however, all tried to step it up.
Laskisha, amazing voice, but preferred last weeks performance and outfit.
Jordin Sparks - again amazing voice, but preferred last weeks performance.

The girls that stood out for me this week were:

Melinda Doolittle, big voice for such a small person. It's so sweet that she has to have all her outfits planned.

Stephanie Edwards, blew everyone away this week with her voice.

Once again Antonella Barba was spared. She may be a good looking girl, but compared to the others, her voice just does not cut it. America are you not listening??

Leslie Hunt was voted off and I must say was the most entertaining with her ad-libbed final song (forward to 2:50 and watch from there)

Can't wait till next week.

Can I also just say that Cat Deeley's links are annoying. The US should give thanks they don't have to see them.

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