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12 Mar 2007

American Idol 6: FINAL 12

This week saw the Top 16 whittled down to the FINAL 12, and it was another week of poor performances from the boys. The girls are just wiping the floor with them.

Each contestant came out and did their thing, boys on Tuesday and the girls on Wednesday, and then America voted.
Eeeeek.. who would still be in with a shot at being the 'Next American Idol' and whose journey would be over? We'll find out after the break. Kidding. Did you like my Ryan Seacrest impression?

So here are a couple of things I picked up on...

What is the deal with Sanjaya's eyebrows? Did someone use permanent marker to draw them on? Or maybe someone got carried away with this eye brow stamp kit. Don't even get me started on the straightened hair or the Hawaiian hula !! Yes folks that is what Sanjaya's secret was, he can hula. Maybe it's something he should have kept to himself.

Anyhoo, back to the performances.
As I mentioned the girls were great, weakest ones for me were Hayley and of course Antonella. In all fairness though, this week was probably Antonella's best perfomance so far. However, these are the two I felt deserved to be booted off. So imagine my shock when Hayley was voted in to the Top 12 (huh?) and Sabrina Sloan was voted off instead, along with Antonella.

As for the boys... Jared Cotter and Sundance Head (yes that really is his name) were voted off. They both took it rather well, even though I don't think they should have gone at this stage. My picks for ousting would have been Phil Stacey and Sanjaya.

America what were you thinking?? You understand the point of the show right? Vote off the weakest/worst singers, NOT keep them in.

Special mention also goes to Ryan Seacrest for possibly doing the worst announcements of who was in and who was out. Ryan, you have been doing this for SIX seasons now, learn to build up some suspense, rather than the haphazard style you seem to have adopted. Nobody gets it.

I'll leave you with my highlights of this week: Enjoy!

Lakisha Jones

Melinda Doolittle

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