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5 Mar 2007

Get Yer Skates On!

On Friday my friends and I made our way down to Canvas in Kings Cross for a night of fun and laughter. We went Roller Disco! A few of my friends made the effort to dress the part, leg warmers, head bands and shiny leggings. - they looked great. I personally think we should have gone in matching outfits like the serious roller dancing troupe that we are (yeah right).

Some of us could skate already, and some were novices like myself. Some of us took to it like a duck to water, others (mainly me) were scared of falling. Falling on your coccyx hurts you know. So I could only manage to 'skate' (used in the loosest sense of the word) if helped. At least I can say, I didn't fall over at all.

There were some idiots there who thought it was funny to try and push each other over, without a thought for other skaters. Idiots. Then there were some professional skaters there who were dancing and strutting their stuff on wheels. Show offs (I'm just jealous).

As the night wore on, the place slowly emptied.As a result I felt a bit braver and started to skate unaided, albeit in a tiny circle. All in all a good time was had by all and I would probably do it again, face your fear and all.

Ali Eddie won for best costume.

-We had to wait in the rain for ages, and my coat ended up smelling like wet dog. Nice. However, I suppose this was our own fault as we weren't smart enough to book tickets online in advance.
-At the end of the night, the little booth where you go to return your skates and collect your shoes, smelt like cheesy feet. Urrrghh. How the people who work there can stand it, I don't know.
-Going to the toilet in your skates. Tricky.

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