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11 Jan 2008


Hi, my name is J and I am a scrabble-o-holic.

Yes, I ♥ Scrabble. Not a day goes by without me playing a game.

When I was younger my family would often pit me and my cousin against each other in a bid to see who was smarter. As a result this put me off the wordy game and I didn't play for years.

However, a few years back and over a board of travel Scrabble my love for it was rekindled.
We would play every lunch and try and rack up as many points as we could.

Then one Christmas I got the ultimate Deluxe Scrabble board. Sweet.
Now I also have Scrabble for my DS lite and am addicted to the Scrabulous application on Facebook with currently 8 games on the go.

Just before Christmas I saw the Scrabble sets to beat all Scrabble sets... SUPER SCRABBLE !! Be still my beating heart.

Not only do you get more tiles, so that you can make more words, a giant sized board, but also earn quadruple word score! Think of what you could do if you landed on that square with a Q, J, or Z.

Anyhoo.. must dash. It's my turn to move.

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