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4 Jan 2008

Another Christmas Over & The Start Of Another Year.

So that's it, 2007 is over and we are 4 days in to 2008. How's it going for you loyal reader? Anyone?

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to last year? Have you made a plan of action for this year?

It's early days yet and most of us are still tucking in our Christmas tums as we make the yearly pledge to get fit and get rid of it, along with the Christmas tum from 2006 which has taken up permanent residence on your thighs.

This year is the year I have decided that things are going to happen, and I am going to find my fortune. Pretty positive way to start the year don't you think?
Well that's the plan. Check back in a month to see if any progress will have been made...eeek.

I'll be getting married this year which is pretty big, but there are also a few smaller steps I'll be making like giving up Coke (the drink, not the drug)as well as making a bigger effort to save my pennies; afterall weddings cost!

I may even update this blog more frequently... maybe (she says sheepishly)

This is a belated Happy New Year and to wish you all luck and good fortune in 2008!

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