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2 Sep 2008

R.I.P Chic Misfit

In a blogging moment of madness I set up a fashion/shopping specific blog named Chic Misfit over on Wordpress. Who knows what possessed me to think I would be able to maintain two blogs, when I could barely update or post on this one.

Anyway, I thought I could do it and probably wrote in total no more than 15 posts, if that. It did get a few commentors though which was nice. Some people even added it to their blogroll - sorry.

However, I looked at it the other day and saw that the last time I had posted was way back in May. Tut tut.
So I took the decision to delete it - gasp- as I no longer liked the title or look of the blog. I did think twice before doing it as once you click the 'Delete' button there is no going back. I thought what if at some point I would want to come back to it, but in reality the answer was I probably never would.

I still want to write about fashion and shopping related stuff so keep an eye out in case I pop up when you least expect it. If anything, I'll probably just add it to the mish-mash of stuff I write about on this blog and bore you all with it on here.

So R.I.P Chic Misfit - It was fun whilst it lasted.

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