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14 Feb 2010

Yoos All Blew It!

Lol Lol Lol.

That's all I can say about my current guilty pleasure - Take Me Out!

The first time I watched it, it was Paddy's catchphrases that had me chuckling.
- "Let the corn see the cob"
-"Let the plumber see the pipes"
- "Let the Vinda see the loo"

and of course the now much repeated 'No likey, no lighty!

Then after a few watches it became a must see just so we could comment on the girls - you know the usual remarks on what they were wearing, because some of them looked like they got caught in a glitter factory explosion. We even grew to know some of them - Rhian, Gazza Face, Daisy, Tall Jo.

However, over the last couple of the weeks it has been the boys that are stealing the show.
Not for any good reasons mind - the bad dancing, the bad outfits, the cringey winks and what look like facial ticks.

This week though Thomas (view his audition video here) stole the show.
Looking like a reject villain from a Bond movie with his platinum blond haircut and all white suit; he came across as a tad arrogant, and as if the girls on the show should be so lucky to get a date with him. He may be a nice guy, but he did himself no favours. Needless to say Thomas was met with a wipeout - with all 30 girls turning their lights off. Oh dear.

He got a hug off Paddy though, so he really shouldn't complain.

After doing the walk of shame back up the stairs dateless - Thomas made his bitterness known by taking off his jacket and pointing a finger across all the girls and shouting...

I'm sure they'll live Thomas.

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