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8 May 2010

Wish You Were Here

Whatever happened to the holiday progs of yesteryear? You know the ones, Holiday on BBC1 or Wish You Were Here  on ITV with Judith Chalmers who exposed us to the delights of the Costa Del Sol and the Algarve.

At the time when going abroad was a novelty, these holiday programmes were a must see - giving us ideas on where to go and providing us with dreams of reaching these sun drenched places.

Ol' Judith pointed out the beaches, the watering holes, places to stay and of course, what the best deal was to get you there. Her job seemed amazing - I mean who wouldn't want a job that was basically a super extended holiday? Downside - the ravaging effects of the sun are clear to see on Judith's face. Clearly sunscreen was in short supply.

Now with the internets, and travel review sites such as Trip Advisor maybe these programmes are no longer needed as you can find the information yourself, but they were fun to watch even if my parents never took me to any of the places featured on these programmes!

So if you don't remember Wish You Were Here, here are the nifty  opening credits.

FYI - Just in case you didn't know,  Judith admitted that all the time she was doing the show to avoid having VPL on tv.  Maybe, a little more holiday information than we need to know.  If you want to just read more about her favourite places and travel tips, have a read of this interview with The Independent from a few years ago.

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