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10 Jul 2011

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice-Cream!

Even though I'm a born and bred Londoner, I can't believe today was my first EVER time at Fortnum & Mason's Ice Cream Parlour! I actually feel like I should hang my head in shame, whilst on the other hand I feel cheated; so many wasted ice-cream cravings that went unsatisfied, when I could have been here. 

We were there today for my friends baby shower, which meant about 16 girls shoveling ice-cream sundaes each the size of a small football into our mouths; all in a lady-like manner of course.

My ice-cream of choice was a triple whammie that consisted of one scoop pistachio and two scoops of praline. Yum yum.  Unfortunately there is no picture to show you as I was too busy gobbling it down.

The Parlour itself was lovely,  a modern take on a vintage ice-cream parlour-slash-diner, and the staff were very friendly and helpful - well the guy serving us was.

Looking around the parlour and at what people were eating, I managed to get serious food envy as it all looked delicious. This place is definitely one to come back to, not only to eat more ice-cream of course but also sample their savoury dishes.

Tip: If you can book a table do so, as sometimes the queue for a table can be loooooooong. 

Whilst you plan your own visit - here's a short video Fortnum & Mason made about the parlour...

Image above taken from Fortnum & Mason

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