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8 Jan 2012

Aren't They Handsome?

In just a few days I will be in the Philppines [insert excited fit here]. The main reason I'm going is to see my family and celebrate my granny dearest 90th birthday, but whilst I'm there I plan to take in some sights, visit a beach, and y'know all the usual holiday things you do.

I'm also doubly excited as not only has it been about 4 years since I last visited, it will be Mr. B's first time in the Philippines.

Anyway, my thoughts have turned back to packing for this trip and after seeing this We Are Handsome instagram photo, I started to think about swimwear...

I own one swimsuit and a couple of bikinis. However, I've never been a fan of bikinis, mainly because I just don't feel confident in them. It's just a lot of flesh on show for me. Really, do people need to see my belly button? So I have fully embraced the swimsuit. Problem is I need more.

That's where Australian brand We Are Handsome come in with their inspired printed swimwear - animals, underwater divers, galaxies, or '50s retro photos have all become covetable We Are Handsome swimwear.

Here is a small selection of We Are Handsome swimsuits that are on my 'Want' list:
We Are Handsome, Peacock Print - Net-A-Porter, £180
We Are Handsome, The Knight Print - Coggles, £120

We Are Handsome, Owl Print - Far Fetch, £185
The Africa
And here are some swimsuits from the Pictures collection that are no longer available. Sad face.
The Miami
The Bahamas

I can't stop looking at their site. Not just at the swimwear, but at their blog too which is filled with dreamy beach photos and inspiration.

Anyway, I am off to actually pack (more likely procrastinate on the internet). Toodles

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