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18 May 2012

Where I Stayed: Hotel Icon, Hong Kong

I'm working on a weird timeline at the moment, writing about things that have happened, are happening and will happen, so bear with me on this crazy journey backwards and forwards through time.

Right now I'm taking you back to January (I know, I know) and am going to tell you about our stay at Hotel Icon, Hong Kong.

After experiencing the relaxation and beaches of Philippines, we decided to stop off for a few days in Hong Kong. It was a great way to ease ourselves back into city living and cooler temperatures, before we hit the literally freezing reality of home.

I'd like to say I chose this hotel because it was designed by prolific local architect Rocco Yim, with interiors by Terence and William Lim. Instead my choice was based on something a lot less glamourous. I went on Trip Advisor, searched for hotels in Hong Kong, filtered by those who offered free wi-fi and voila! Hotel Icon was chosen. Obviously, free wi-fi was not the only plus point. The reviews were excellent and the hotel looked, for want of a better word - amazing!

Hotel Icon Pool & Gym (image via Hotel Icon)
Located in Tsim Sha Tui East, Kowloon, the hotel is on the other side of the harbour. However, getting across to Hong Kong Island is easy peasy; taxi via tunnel, MTR, ferry or even helicopter if you like - we were given that option at the hotel concierge!

From the moment you set foot into the hotel your eyes don't know what to focus on - the light filled lobby with its spiral staircase, the restaurant that sits just behind, or the epic living wall. We were impressed from the start and the friendly check-in made us sure that we had picked the right place to stay.
Hotel Lobby (image via Hotel Icon)
We were only in Hong Kong for 3 days so we didn't get to fully explore all the amenities of the hotel - like the spa, pool, gym or even sample all three restaurants. More reasons to return I suppose. Anyway, on check-in we were informed our room was not yet ready (a huge bug bear of mine with any hotel). So, we went off to have some lunch and explore the hotel's surrounding area. All I can remember of this time was the huge crowd of visitors from mainland China who had flocked to Hong Kong for the Chinese New Year celebrations, that and the delicious duck lunch we had.

Full of food and ridiculously tired to the point of delirium, I was very glad to finally get into our room. Needless to say, I was not disappointed. With an awesome harbour view, FREE (yes, free minibar!), fancy bathroom, and the comfiest bed, I could have quite easily spent all my time in Hong Kong in that room. Here are some pics of the bedroom and bathroom taken from Hotel Icon's website, as our pics just didn't capture the room as well. Plus, I had scattered all my belongings all over the place before I could take a picture.

Best sign EVER. (Photo by me)
In the four days we were in Hong Kong, we did all the usual touristy things: went to The Peak, walked the Avenue of the Stars, took the Star Ferry (a cheap and fun way to cross the harbour from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island), watched the Symphony of Lights, ate at Nobu, had cocktails and admired the views from Aqua, browsed Mong Kok market and experienced the MTR...phew. Oh and we also managed to squeeze in a trip to Macau. 

I wish we had more time to explore the bustling city of Hong Kong and some of the New Territories, but we just ran out of time. Hopefully one day we'll be back, but if you happen to be going, there is a lot to do, and definitely consider staying at Hotel Icon.

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