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20 Jun 2012

It's My Birthday and I'll Have Beef if I Want To!

Birthday me at Mark's Bar
Yesterday was my birthday and being the lucky lady that I am, the Mr took me to HIX Belgravia for a birthday dinner. Oh, it was so delicious!

Located inside the luxurious boutique Thompson Hotel Belgraves in Belgravia, we first went upstairs to Mark's Bar to taste some of the amazing cocktails designed by Nick Strangeway before dinner.  I'd love to recommend the cocktail that I had, but I can't remember the name, not because I had one too many, I think my memory is failing me now that I've reached a ripe old age. Anyway, it was delicious and take it as an excuse to just try them all!

Mark's Bar Interior
Borderline tipsy, we headed back to the restaurant ready to be fed. It wasn't massively busy and the staff were super attentive and lovely. The menu had just enough choice without being overwhelming, and I pretty much wanted to have everything on it!

In the end, we chose to have: Crispy squid with chillies and almonds and a Portland crab rosti with wild herbs as starters, followed by the most perfectly cooked bit of beef I have had in a long time. We went for the Mighty marbled Glenarm Beef for two with some sides. Meat sweats ensued but it was totally worth it.

The Mr had no room for  dessert, but being my birthday and all round greedy person I found some room to squeeze in a decadent baked Amadei chocolate pudding with honeycomb ice-cream. Delicious.

Everything was lovely, from the place to the food, to of course the wonderful company.

The Restaurant
Our starters
Meat feast
I'd never heard of Thompson Hotel Belgraves before, but after spending just an evening there, I'd love to spend a night or even weekend there.

Another year, another birthday to remember!

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