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17 Aug 2013

Say What?!

Instagram suggested users list by

Oh mah gawd! I woke up to the news today that I have been put on Instagram's Suggested User List!
First of all, thanks Instagram, and second of all, whaaaat?

I'm just a little blown away that I have been chosen. It's an honour.

I first joined Instagram in Dec 2010 and was one of those people who posted sporadically and wasn't entirely sure how or why I should use this app. I posted a lot of random photos in the beginning - food, nails, selfies - the usual cliche Instagram shots. It wasn't until this year when I moved to Hong Kong, that this app came into it's own.

Edward (The Husband) has been using this app from the beginning and is pretty darn good at taking photos. You can follow him on Instagram here - @edwardkb. He had previously done a Project 365, taking a photo a day for a whole year, and once we found out we were moving to Hong Kong, I decided that it would be the perfect time for me to do my own Project 365.

I am currently half way through the my project and adventure, and not only has documenting it been fun, I think I'm getting better at taking photos. It's also been my main way to make new friends in a new city.

Needless to say, I am kinda addicted to Instagram. Looking at lovely pictures is fun and the creativity of people who use this app is inspiring, but so far I think the best part is the community. It sounds cheesy, but it's true - everyone is just so friendly!

Anyway, if you want to follow me or my Project 365, you can find me on Instagram - @Jesso and look under the hashtag #Jess_A_Day.

If you're looking for new people to follow on Instagram, check out the other people on the list. You can find it by:
- Going to the 'Options/Setting' icon on the app. (You'll usally find this in the top right corner when you're looking at your own profile).
- Tap on 'Find People to follow'
- Tap on 'Instagram Suggested'

Let me know who you're favourite Instagrammers are in the comments. It's always fun to find new and inspiring photos.

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