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6 Jan 2014

Trip to the Mothership - Instagram Europe HQ

@edwardkb & @jesso at IG Europe HQ on
Photo by: @Instagram
Here's Edward and I looking like we don't know each other on 'that' Instagram sofa. I thought we were going to pretend that we were fighting over the cushion. I was wrong.


Whilst we are home for Christmas, Edward and I popped in to Instagram Europe HQ and met with the lovely Community Manager - Hannah who kindly took this photo of us.

Prior to moving to Hong Kong, I didn't use Instagram a lot. Then it all changed and I got to know and meet other Instagrammers from the Hong Kong community.

Coming back home to London, I was excited to meet IGers (sorry going to have to abbreivate, Instagrammers is such a long word) from the London community.

We ended up having a little instameet and exploring the Tate Modern and Bankside and I got to meet a whole host of talented 'grammers - @missunderground, @danrubin, @tschang @zobolondon @mattpike @ecolephoto @Rich__ @hellopoe @chaiwalla @mrwhisper @evanjamesatwood, and so many more that I can't remember them all to list them.

You can view the photos from the day on Instagram under the hashtag #instameetbankside. Here's the first photo of the day, an #instagrammerdown group shot...

UPDATE: Oh, I also just wanted to mention a couple of other 'grammers I met on a different photowalk - @h_cato and @imaginationdetonation.

You should look up all of the people I mentioned. Not only are they super talented, they were all super nice too. Instagram fwends!

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