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23 Jul 2014

It's A Family Affair: Meet My Insta-Family

Meet my family on Instagram by Jess on
L-R: Top: @edwardkb || @jeromecan Bottom: @reycanlasjr || @keso_k
When I say 'Insta-family' I'm not talking about the people who I've met and become friends with through Instagram, I'm talking about my actual family on Instagram.

You know how the saying goes - "The family that 'grams together stays together." That's how it goes, right?

Ok, so let me introduce you...

Name: @edwardkb
He's my... Husband
Location: Hong Kong
A bit about him: He's the one that inspired us all to start using Instagram. I love his photos. Obviously.

Name: @jeromecan
He's my... Brother
Location: London
A bit about him: When he came to visit us in Hong Kong, we pestered him to join Instagram. He did, and I'm happy he did as otherwise I wouldn't get to see London through his eyes. He's currently doing a Project 365 which you can follow - #j_three_zero

Name: @reycanlasjr
He's my... Cousin
Location: Shanghai
A bit about him: Moved to Shanghai from London a month after I moved to Hong Kong. It was nice to have someone go through the same experience, even if we were heading to different places. I love his photos of Shanghai, as well as his photos from his travels. He's so creative, but I'm not surprised, after all he does work in advertising dahling.

Name: @keso_k
She's my... Brother's girlfriend, so that makes her family.
Location: London
A bit about her: She loves to cook and bake, she likes brutalist architecture, she is super stylish, and is an all-round awesome. I wish her and my brother still lived around the corner from us.

So that's it, that's my Insta-Family. There are more, but this post would get very long as my family is huge.

One of the reasons I love them being on Instagram, is that even though we're in different countries, I can see what they see and vice-versa. We don't have to tell each other what we did or where we went, we can show them instead.

*All portraits above were taken by me, except the one of my cousin which was taken by his colleague @antoniamak

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