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11 Jul 2014

Trying my hand at hand lettering and calligraphy

When we moved to Hong Kong, I had to make a decision on what arts & crafts stuff was going to come with me. To be honest, not a lot of stuff made the cut, and I only brought with me my rubber stamp carving tools and a few calligraphy pens - small, compact, easy to pack and transport. Since I've been here, I've carved a total of one stamp. Yep, just the one.

I love making stuff or just doing something creative, but without any of my art materials I've been looking for other creative outlets.

Recently, I've become obsessed with hand lettering and calligraphy, and am super jealous of illustrators / designers / calligraphers etc, who can all put pen to paper and conjour up beautiful letters and type. Ok, jealous isn't the right word... well, maybe just a tad. I'm actually very inspired by them and their creativity, and of course impeccable handwriting skills.

I think I've mentioned before how drawing is not my forte, but I have been 'blessed' - is that right word? - with decent handwriting. From the moment they first taught us cursive at school, I knew I wanted to have nice neat handwriting, and so I practiced and practiced.

I've always loved letters, typography, fonts, calligraphy and all that shabang, and figured if I applied the same 'practice and practice' ethos, maybe I could get better at hand lettering and calligraphy. Seems logical, right? If I don't get better, it will at least be a fun creative outlet.

So I've been trying to doodle-slash-practice every day and here are some attempts...

As you can see, I've got to practice A LOT more, but I am really enjoying this newfound hobby. A nice indoor activity that I can do in the comfort of air con.

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