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21 Jul 2014

What's on my face - Benefit Bigger Than BB Big Easy

I thought buying make-up in Hong Kong would be easy. Big city, lots of expats to cater for, and since I'm of South East Asian descent, I thought if there's anywhere I'm going to be able to buy the right colour match for my skin, it would be around this part of the world, right?  Wrong. I went to buy my usual foundation Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua in shade B50 and was told... "No, too dark." They didn't stock B50. The darkest shade they had was B30. Whaaat?

Anyway, long story short - I am only able to get that foundation now when travelling or if friends come to visit. This meant I had to look for alternatives. Since it was so hot and humid here, I found I was not actually wearing foundation as much as it would basically just slide off my face. Turns out, foundation did not stand a chance against the tag-team of my face grease and sweat. Attractive, I know.

My search for alternatives did not get very far. I went back to another foundation I liked - Skin by Bobbi Brown, at least this foundation had a wide variety of shades. Next, came Dr Jart's Water Fuse BB Cream that I bought from Sasa, my first foray into BB creams. Which leads me to what I'm using now - Benefit's Bigger Than BB Big Easy.

I had seen lots of people talking about this on the internet and was intrigued. Benefit and I have a long history. It was one of the first make-up brands I got obsessed with. At the time, it would have been easier to tell you what Benefit products I didn't own.  Anyway, off I went to go and buy it. The Benefit Assistant said I would be a shade 6 - Deep Beige - which is their darkest shade. When I first tried it on my hand, I did not like the finish, it seemed to settle into the cracks and lines of my skin. I think it was due to the fact that I had dry hands at the time. It was a different story when she tested it on my face. First she applied Dream Screen,  an SPF that she said was also acted like a primer. I'm not sure if it is meant to be a primer, but it did feel nice on the skin. She then applied the Bigger Than BB Big Easy, its formula was creamy, easy to apply, and dried to a nice smooth powder finish. Sold.

I bought one even though I think Benefit here is kind of pricey compared to the US and UK, and so far so good. I've revamped my skincare routine, so I don't know if that has helped control the oil slick on my face, but together with this, I don't feel as shiny anymore. People who see me, may have a different opinion.

I pretty much just use this now as my make-up base and apply it with my fingers. Once it sets there is no need for powder and I can go about putting the rest of my face on.

Here's my quick summary of what I think:

- Easy to apply
- Good for oily skin
- Nice powder finish
- Great option for hot weather make-up
- Has SPF

- Not great for dry skin folk
- Not a great shade range. The shade I use is the darkest in the range and it's not that dark
- Name too long. This doesn't effect the effectiveness of the product, it's just how I feel

Anyway, I'm off to Seoul this week and I am looking forward to perusing the beauty products over there. Again, if you have any recommendations - beauty, shopping, food, things to do and see, leave a comment. Follow me on Instagram - @Jesso to see my pictures from Seoul.

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