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22 Aug 2014

Obsessed with Roommate

Image via: Roommate SBS
Don't worry the title of this post isn't as crepy as it sounds. I haven't gone all Single White Female on you, nor am I talking about the creepy Leighton Meester / Minka Kelly movie - The Room Mate. I am refering to the  South Korean reality TV show currently on SBS - Roommate.

In a nutshell, Roommate is 11 Korean celebrities  - comedians, singers, 'idols', models, actors, actresses, sports personalitlies - ranging in age and fame, all brought together to live in a house filled with lots of cameras to watch their every move. Sound familiar?

I bet you're thinking "that's just Big Brother", well, you're kind of right except that there are a few differences:

1) The Korean celebrities are still relevant and popular unlike the has-beens and those looking to revive/jump-start their careers that normally take part in the UK 'Celebrity' Big Brother.
2) They are allowed to come and go from the house. As they are famous - it means they still have work commitments, so some have to go and film, record, go on tour etc.
3) They're allowed mobile phones / TV / contact with the outside world which keeps them sane
4) There's no diary room to go in and bitch.

Basically, it's not a goldfish bowl scenario where we just gawk at these people on TV waiting for them to have a melt down. It's an actual insight into how people would react and adapt to living with strangers whilst getting on with their regular lives... they just happen to be celebrities.

So what's so great about it I hear you ask... My answer would be - EVERYTHING!
1) Everyone is just so nice!
2) Everyone respects, cares, and genuinely wishes their roommates well
3) No crazy drama or conflict. It's not created by the roommates and it's not instigated by the production team. No pot stirring here.
4) Lots of fun pranks and silly games

Image via: KDramaStars
I haven't watched a UK Big Brother or the celebrity version in a very long time. I lost interest a while back. All the drama, the trying to outdo each other, the outlandish and scandelous behaviour, seeing people break down or on the verge of a break down, and seeing people be mean to each other was just not compelling viewing for me.

However, seeing all the Korean roommates getting along and being nice to each other has me hooked. The older members of the house are constantly dropping wisdom bombs on the younger cast members, who are truly interested in what they have so say. It's made me think that all South Koreans are so wise. Their respect for values, traditions, and each other, as well as their genuine concern for their roommates well-being is so endearing and the exact opposite of the conflict fuelled scenarios that UK & US Big Brother thinks boosts ratings.

Does this make me old and boring? Probably, but I don't care. Watching something so heartwarming makes me feel hopeful about humanity (unlike the reality of the news). It's actually really funny too and has had me laughing out loud, and sometimes it is so touching I feel like welling up. I tell you, it's good TV!

If you want to give it a try, it's available on Hulu - that's where I watch it. I have no idea how long this programme will run for, but I hope they live together forever!

I could keep going and tell you about each of the house members, but that would make this post about 17x longer than it already is. All you need to know is that it's entertaining tv, and that I want to be the roommates friend.

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