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3 Aug 2014

Seoul Adventures Part 2 - Food

Korean pancakes and salads
When visiting a new place, food is just as important as seeing the sights. Well, I think so anyway. It doesn't have to be a fancy, 'trendy', or expensive. It just has to be yum. Here's Part 2 of my Seoul Adventures - the selection of food I ate whilst in Seoul.  *Warning*  may cause hunger.

1) Korean BBQ / Korean Pancakes / All Korean food

Korean food over the last couple of years has crept up my favourite foods list. You can't come to Seoul and not have Korean BBQ. Tasty tasty grilled meat. What's not to enjoy? Sorry vegetarians.
We also had Korean Fried Chicken, obviously, and a friend took us to a local restaurant whose name I cannot remember to sample some traditional pancakes (see pic above). All delicious.
Korean BBQ Place in Myeondong. Sorry can't remember its name
2) O'Sulloc Tea House

I didn't know that there was such a big coffee culture in Korea. If you're a big coffee drinker you'll be spoilt for choice. I however, am not a coffee drinker so it was nice to try O'Sulloc Tea House. Think of it as a modern-ish twist on Korean tea traditions with the main ingredient being green tea. I hope that makes sense.
Relaxed vibes at O'Sulloc
3) Grill5Taco

We were in the mood for something else and I don't remember where Edward heard about Grill5Taco, but we thought we'd give it a try. It's a Korean spin on Mexican food serving burritos, tacos, and quesadillas. Bonus, you get free nachos if you're eating in. They get you with the sauce/dip though, as that costs. We opted for burritos and they were the stumpiest burritos I'd ever seen. Overall, they were ok, not the best burrito I've ever eaten but if you're looking for a quick bite and you happen to be near one it's not a bad place to go.

4) Bastille Ice Cream

We balanced all the savoury foods we ate with dessert, and Bastille Ice Cream was one of the desserts we had on this trip. It's an ice-cream shop in Itaewon with a French name that serves American cereal flavoured soft serve ice-cream with a seletion of unusual toppings all presented in a smoking ice-cream cup (it has liquid nitrogen in it). For a more comprehensive review and description of this place, check out this post by Seoul Searching.

I decided to go for the Chocolate Chex flavour Ice-Cream with New Zealand breakfast topping, which consists of potato chips with a drizzle of manuka honey. Mmmmmm.
Ice-creamy goodness
Those are all the places I ate and managed to get pictures of food. All the other times, I was too eager to tuck in to the grub. I'd make a terrible food blogger.

Anyway, here's a few more places I liked but don't have any pictures so you'll have to use your imagination.

Gwangjang Market - Jeon Alley
Head here for a taste of local fare. It's busy, bustling, and a little overwhelming but worth the experience and the food. At this market we had a selection of fried seafood, bindaetteok (a mung-bean pancake) and some rice wine. There is limited seating and it can get confusing trying to figure out where you can sit. We got shouted at for buying our bindaetteok from one stall and then sitting in a different stalls area.

Jonny Dumpling
Itaewon in general is a good place to go for food thanks to the wide variety of world cuisine on offer. One of the stars of the area is Jonny Dumpling, a small no frills place with only 6 things or so on the menu - steamed dumplings, fried dumplings, mussel soup with dumpings, and rice with tofu and spicy sauce (that's all I can remember). We liked the fried dumplings so much, we ate here twice.

Sulbing Dessert Shop
Imagine the softest flakes of snow melting in your mouth. Now imagine if they had a nice milky flavour. It may sound weird but it is delicious! You can get it served with fruit, almonds, chunks of cheesecake, or red bean of course. They also have a delicious almond toast which is also worth trying.

Bubble Pong
Bubble tea goodness. What I liked about this was that the bubble tea was a little frozen and slushy, so it was really refreshing.

Street Churros
Sweet churros that were crunchy on the outside but soft and fluffy on the inside covered in cinammon sugar ready to be dipped in a rich chocolate sauce. I'm salivating just remembering the deliciousness of it all. You could either buy a churros with ice-cream or go for a single 50cm churro. I went for the 50cm churro. Totally worth it.

Street Food
I got my fix of street food near EWHA university. I don't know what a lot if it was but my favourite thing I tried basically looked like tempura covered seaweed roll with glass noodles inside.

Needless to say, I was very full at the end of this trip. There we still so many things I wanted to try or wanted to have again because it was so good.

I definitely want to go back to Seoul again, so if you have any recommendations on where to eat next time feel free to leave a comment.

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