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17 Sep 2014

LA Confidential

Actually, it's not really confidential as I'm about to share with you all the things that I saw, places I went, and food that I ate during my recent trip to Los Angeles.

Here is my LA diary -

Normally, when I travel I always have the best intentions of documenting everything so I can come back and write a well-rounded comprehensive blog post. However, I usually let too much time pass between my trip and writing about it, that by the time I sit down and write, all the details are fuzzy.

That's where Bonjournal - a travel diary/journaling app came in super handy this trip.
I was able to jot down notes as the day went on and fill in the blanks and add photos as and when they were ready. No more forgetting details!

With it's easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing interface; I really enjoyed using Bonjournal. I compiled my travel diary on my phone, saving each day as a draft until I was ready to publish it. It was so simple.

The things I like best about the app:
- Simple
- Easy to use
- Full of inspiration as you can browse other people's public journals/travel diaries
- Ability to export your diary into .pdf format

The only other things I would like is the ability to create/add hyperlinks and maybe a few formatting options - bold, italic etc just to make some text stand out. This is just my personal preference.

I'll definitely keep using this app for documenting future trips, not only is it fun,  it also makes it quicker and easier to share with you!


  1. omg I love the look of that app!
    I need to go on more holidays just to use it.
    One of my best friends is living in LA at the moment... need to go visit her. Do you think it's mad to go for a week only?

    1. You should definitely get it! You don't have to go on trips, you can create a journal of anything :)
      We were in LA for 7-8 days and we crammed lots in to each day. A week is enough depending on what you want to see.