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11 Jul 2015

Prove it.

Living Proof Hair Care review by Hello Jesso

In April this year, I decided to dye my hair. Mistake. The colour wasn't right and clashed with my skin tone. It basically made me look like I was permanently wearing the wrong shade of foundation.
I could have left it and waited for it to grow out but I was too impatient, so on my trip home to London I decided to see if it could be fixed.

The day I landed, after dropping off my luggage and saying hi to my parents, my next stop was Daniel Galvin in Marylebone and thanks to Amy - all was fixed - by that I mean, colour corrected.

Anyway, because by this point I had spent more money on my hair than I had anticipated, I decided I wanted to protect the colour, something that I've always been a bit lax on when I've previously coloured my hair.

If I'm being totally honest, I'm very lazy with my hair. I like haircuts that can take care of themselves, shampoos and conditioners that don't take an hour to rinse out (I'm a fan of the 2-in-1 combo that hairdressers frown upon), and preferably just one miracle hair product that smoothes, shines, styles, and holds. Not too much to ask, right?

I thought I'd give Living Proof a try. I'd heard good things from the internet and Jennifer Aniston is their ambassador. She always has good hair. I was sucked in.

I've been using it since April (I bought the No Frizz minis from Marks & Spencer and the Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner from Beauty Bay) and I think I've used it for long enough now to give it a review, so here goes...

- Smells nice and fresh
- Leaves my hair feeling soft and shiny
- Colour still good. Not brassy.

- It has given me a serious case of flakey scalp (sorry, if that's TMI)

I'm still using it now and am about half-way through the Perfect Hair Day bottles. I've not used the mini No Frizz since I went to Barcelona.

Basically, I am torn in how I feel for them. I like how they make my hair feel soft and shiny and takes care of my hair colour,  but of course, hate the itchy scalp. It's not a constant flakey scalp, it comes and goes but I wish it would just go for good and leave me with just the pros of this product.

I don't think it will give everyone a flakey scalp, I think this is just my scalp's reaction to it.

So that's my experience with Living Proof. I'm not 100% convinced, maybe about 80%.

If you try it, let me know in the comments what you thought about it and if it too has given you flakey scalp.

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