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15 Jul 2015

Weekend Wanderings: Sunrise to Sunset

Weekend Wanderings: Sunrise to Sunset by Hello Jesso
Before sunrise
Welcome to another installment of Weekend Wanderings. 

The last weekend wander was spent trying to hide from the heat of the sun in caves of Cape D'Aguilar. This weekend wander was purposefully spent chasing the sun. 

The weekend started with a 2:50am(!!) showing of Jurassic World in 4D (not a bad way to kick off the weekend) and since the movie would end around 5am, we thought 'let's just stay up for sunrise'. It seemed like the logical thing to do. 

This crazy Saturday start time meant that the rest of the day was a write-off and everyone spent the rest of the day at home. 

Sunday was a nice leisurely day that started at a normal time. We had family brunch, a walk around the neighbourhood, and then met a friend to go and catch sunset somewhere. 

Our Plan A for sunset didn't work, so we made an impromptu Plan B and jumped in a taxi to Stonecutters bridge... and that, in a nutshell, was our weekend. 

Here's a short video about it...

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