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10 Aug 2015

What camera do you use?

A photo of my Sony camera taken with my iPhone
Let me preface this post by saying - this is not sponsored. 

The title of this post is something I have been asked in the comments of my Instagram, and for the most part, my answer is - iPhone. The vast majority of my photos on Instagram have been taken by some iteration of iPhone, currently an iPhone 6.

However, lately the odd camera shot has been making more of an appearance on my feed. I know some people think this is taboo and Instagram should just be pics taken with the camera on your phone, but I wanted to share what I've been using, so:

If I'm not taking photos with iPhone 6, I use a Sony RX100 M3. That's it, just those two. Question answered.

In case you are interested in a rundown of my history with cameras, keep reading...


First camera I ever used: Canon AE-1
It was my dad's camera and sometimes he let me press the shutter button.

First ever camera I bought: Konica Revio Z-3 APS
Before buying this, I used to borrow my mum's 35mm point and shoot. I never knew how to change the film and when the drop and load of APS came about, it was like my camera prayers had been answered. It took me a while to save up and buy this camera. I still have it but I had to stop using it as the only way to get the film in and out of the camera was with a knife.

I loved this camera so much that I bought a Konica Revio CL - APS from eBay and had it shipped from Japan. It had a plastic body unlike the previous metal bodied Konica I had owned. It was a nice and affordable film point and shoot. I was very angry when someone stole it [insert very angry emoji face here].

Other film cameras:
My foray into film was basically via anything in the Lomography shop.
I've owned a Holga (I never got to grips with changing medium format film), Diana Mini 35mmfisheyeLomokinoLomo Smena 8, and of course, a Fuji Instax and Polaroid One600.


First digital camera I owned: Kodak
I don't remember the exact make and model. It was a gift from my cousin. The camera was grey, huge, about 2.2 megapixels and 8MB. I remember thinking it was amazing!

First digital camera I bought: Canon Powershot A70
I loved this camera. Compared to my first digital camera, this one seemed so much smaller and so much more advanced. It had a whopping 3.2 megapixels and 16MB compact flash card.

Digital cameras that followed: 
Sony DSC-T11 - This camera came all the way from Hong Kong. It was slim, white, large display, and the most advanced thing I had ever seen at the time.

Canon Powershot G7 - I had started my digital journey with a measley 2.2 megapixels and this camera had 10! My mind was blown. In fact, I wrote a blog post about it.

Which leads me to where I am now, back on Team Sony.
So that's it. All the cameras I have used at some point in time.

Even though I've been playing with cameras for a long time, my actual technical knowledge is limited. This is why I keep taking photos to try and get better. I'm figuring it out as I go along, as well as receiving some very helpful pointers from my talented friends.

What do you use to shoot now or what were some of the cameras that you've used in the past that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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