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18 Nov 2015


KARA backpack by

Meet my new best friend... the KARA backpack!

I've always loved a backpack. Even when they were the key marker of a nerd. Even when wearing the straps on both shoulders was uncool. Even then, I still loved them.

I've been on the look out for a grown up backpack-slash-rucksack for a while now. I've lusted over the Whistles Verity backpack, this burgundy beauty that is Proenza Schouler Courier backpack, Alexander Wang's Prisma Skeletal backpack, and most recently this Elizabeth and James Cynnie which is both a bucket bag and a backpack!

Anyway, on my daily drool over things on Net-A-Porter, this backpack popped up in the search results by a brand called KARA. It was understated, no overt branding, not too big but not too small - it was ticking all the right boxes. YASSS! I was clearly in a decisive mood and decided to make it mine. Done. 

Turns out, Kara is a New York-based brand by Hong Kong designer, Sarah Law. Maybe through the computer screen I could feel the invisible Hong Kong connection and that's why I was drawn to it...? 

Fast forward two days and the pretty black box arrived ...

KARA backpack by

The box contained my new bag and an Hourglass Ambient Lightening Edit Palette that I also purchased. I promptly took out the bag stuffing, cut off the tags and put the backpack on my back. It's been out every day with me since. I'm kinda wanting the grey version now too. Ooops. Yep, I'm one of those people, if I like something I want it in multiple colours. 

I mean look at it, look how pretty! Anyway, I'll leave you with this picture. My bag and I are going wandering. 

KARA Backpack by
My bag being a great model, Ha!
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  1. Hi! what a great post on a beautiful bag! I've been eyeing this one for quite sometime but I feel it might be too big for everyday wear. Do you have any pictures of you wearing the bag? - Kim

    1. Hi Kim! Thanks for your comment. I love this bag! I have used it everyday since I bought it. For me it's the perfect size, secretly spacious without being too big to carry. I have even carried my iPad pro 12.9" in it so I would assume that even the smaller macbook airs would also fit. I looked at the smaller version of this backpack but for my own personal use - it would have been too small. Here's a link to a pic of me wearing the bag taken by husband - Hope that helps!

    2. Thanks for the link Jess, this helps out a lot! :) xo