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27 May 2016

Laundry Day in Macau

Laundry Day in Macay by

A couple of Sundays ago, a group of friends and I hopped on a ferry and made our way to Macau for a little day trip, hoping to take some photos and see if we could find anything interesting.

Being a Sunday, Macau was heaving with tourists. Different languages clashed together in the air, providing loud background noise to our wanderings. We avoided the tourist spots and made our way through to quieter streets and soon noticed that Sunday seemed to be laundry day.

Multi-coloured pieces of clothing and bedsheets were draped across makeshift washing lines and railings, adding a softness to the surroundings but also a sense of life. I don't know why, but I really like clothes blowing in the wind. I find it oddly mesmerising.

Everywhere we went, we saw laundry hanging.
We even found washing hanging on a clothes rail in an abandoned factory. Who do they belong to and why would they hang their clothes there?!

Anyway, for the trip to Macau I decided to make a video of the day, so here is our laundry day in Macau. Be warned, there are a lot of laundry shots.

P.S  If you get hungry on your travels, I really enjoyed our lunch at Boa Mesa Portuguese restaurant. My fish pie was delicious - large chunks of cod in a creamy sauce topped with buttery mash potato. *Drool*

Travel info:
How to get there: Turbojet from Shun Tak ferry terminal in Sheung Wan
Journey time: 1 hr

If you're feeling fancy, you can get a helicopter from Hong Kong to Macau and the journey will only take you 15 minutes. Ticket price = approx $4800.

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  1. may i know the location of this building ?