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8 Feb 2017

What's On My Face: Skincare I Am Currently Loving!

I'm facing the fact and accepting that I am no longer in the 'spring chicken' category of life and am making my way towards the 'turkey neck' phase, so skincare is important to me.

My mum always drilled into me the importance of looking after my skin, as such I have been cleansing and moisturising since I was 8 years old and eventually added toner to the mix when I was around 19.

Over the years there have been ups and downs, outbreaks and dry patches, but my love of good skincare has remained. From affordable lotions to designer potions, I've tried a lot of stuff.

The biggest concern I've had with my skin is oiliness. I'm talking full face oil slick. Those oil blotting sheets don't stand a chance against my face.  As the years have gone by my t-zone still gets shiny, but now I have a new skin foe - dry patches!

Since moving to Hong Kong, my skin has been spoilt by the abundance of moisture in the air; enjoying the humidity while the rest of my body is screaming for aircon. However, as soon as HK winter rolls around and humidity levels drop, parts of my face literally start to flake off from dryness. Gross, right?

My skin felt like how the shrunken head guy in Beetlejuice looked.

I tried multiple oils and lotions to try and keep the dry patches at bay; even guzzling litres of water couldn't keep my skin hydrated enough.

... and then I had a breakthrough! I found some products that played nicely with my skin, and these are my current favourites:

Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel - A nice gel-like cleanser that I use for my morning cleanse and leaves my face feeling super smooth. I feel like it really gets rid of any dead skin cells that may have accumulated on my face overnight.

Kypris Antioxidant Dew - I L-O-V-E this lightweight oil free serum. It is like a drink for my skin. Sealing in hydration, plumping and brightening my dull winter complexion. I also love that it's packed full of natural ingredients as I find natural based beauty products tend to get on better with my skin.

Kypris Beauty Elixr 1: 1000 Roses - Made from 1000 organic Bulgarian roses (that's a lot of roses!), this oil is a luxurious treat. If you are not a fan of rose or its scent, then this might be one to skip. This oil is not very purse friendly, but it is very friendly to my skin. I use this at night instead of a moisturiser and let it sink into my skin to work its magic while I sleep. You only need 2-3 drops for your whole face, so a bottle of this will last a while, but be warned it is pricey. My wallet is still in shock.

MV Organics Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser - Have I mentioned I like rose-based skincare? I use this MV Organics moisturiser as my daytime moisturiser. A little goes a long way and one pump (maybe a pump and a half) is enough to cover my face and neck. Rich and creamy in texture it glides on smoothly and has a matte finish.

All of the above products have a lot of natural ingredients which I really like, but the best thing is that they work for my skin and keep the dry patches at bay without encouraging more oil production on my t-zone.

Side note: I purchased all of the above products from Cult Beauty because:
1) I couldn't find any stockists in Hong Kong, and
2) they offered free worldwide shipping - hurrah!

Update: Since I placed my order their free shipping policy has changed and they no longer offer free shipping to Hong Kong (boo!). I would normally be super upset about something like this, but I'm actually just grateful they even ship here otherwise I don't know where I would get my hands (and face) on some of these brands. I have also added other retailers below that also stock these products.

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