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16 Apr 2017


After our quick trip to Kyoto, we hopped on a train and journeyed to our next destination - Osaka!
If you want some ideas on what to see  if you only have 24 hours in Osaka, then keep on reading. 

If Kyoto showed me a more traditional side of Japan, Osaka definitely gave me bustling city vibes full of people and lights.  Most of the sights we saw were outdoors, but one that we saw that provided shelter from the rain was...

You can't really miss the Umeda Sky Building, it's two towers are connected by a 'floating garden' in the middle. When you look up at the building from street level, it has a huge hole in the centre! Make your way up to the 39th floor and look out across the city. If you're not afraid of heights, go up to the open air deck and walk around for a full 360-degree view. We admired the views from both the inside and out on the deck, before being defeated by the rain and running back inside. For extra photo points, the escalators to and from the observation deck are pretty photogenic - if you're into symmetry and stuff. 

Osaka castle stands tall behind high walls and wide moats in beautiful gardens lined with cherry trees. However, we were too early for cherry blossoms which I'm kind of sad about as I can only imagine how pretty this whole scene would be framed by soft pink blossoms.

We didn't go into the actual castle and instead just walked around the gardens taking in the impressive views of the castle. For any history buffs out there who want to learn more about Osaka castle, there is a museum inside. 


I think I first saw a picture of Dōtonbori in 2007 after Edward visited Osaka. I always remember the picture of the canal flanked on both sides by neon lights. 10 years later, it was cool to be able to see it with my own eyes. 

Dōtonbori is busy! Streams of people flowing through the streets. The famous Shinsaibashi-suji shopping street is nearby (also known as Ebisubashi-suji) drawing in shoppers. While those looking for food are spoilt for choice. Navigating the small alleyways in the area, you'll find so many restaurants, izakayas, and bars. The Hozenji Yokocho alley (near the Glico man sign) is a contrast to the bright lights of the area. All of a sudden this street feels more traditional and atmospheric thanks to the low light of lanterns. The Hozenji Temple can also be found on this street.

Other sights of the area include the Glico Man sign (get a shot from Ebisu bridge) and the giant moving crab sign above Kani Doraku restaurant.

As always, whenever I visit Japan, I always wish I had more time. We went to all of these places in one day. Of course, I want to go back to try more food and see more sights. 
If you have more time to spend in Osaka, here is a list of some other places to visit.

Other things to do in Osaka:
Instant Ramen Museum
Hire a bike and cycle around / go on a bike tour
Universal Studios
Shitennoji Temple
Sumiyoshi Taisha
Day trip to Nara

How we got there:  Train from Kyoto to Osaka Station. You can get a Shinkansen which takes around 15 minutes. 
We took the JR Kyoto line which cost approx 550 Yen each and took around 28 minutes travel time.
Where we stayed: We opted for an Airbnb. It was actually our first time using Airbnb and it was great! This is the actual place we stayed at in Osaka: Airbnb room. I would definitely recommend it! The host was super friendly and helpful. The room itself was cosy, comfortable and clean, and it was conveniently located close to Dōtonbori, Shinsaibashi, and Namba areas - less than 10 minutes walk.
Misc: I don't normally write about food on this blog, mainly because I'm too greedy to wait around and take pictures first; I just want to eat the food. On this short trip to Osaka we wanted to have some wagyu. We did some searching and Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M came out as the top the place to go. However, we didn't get to eat there as they were so busy. You had to have a reservation. Cry emoji.
After gearing ourselves up for the taste of delicious barbecue, we did a quick google search and headed off to Osaka's Little Korea in Tsuruhashi. The moment we stepped out of the station, the air was filled with the smell of meat cooking. Drool. Sorry vegetarians. There were so many bbq joints that it was hard to choose. We went for one called Yoshida and it totally hit the spot and curbed our bbq craving. 

Hope this helps with planning your own trip to Osaka! 
If you're going to Kyoto: you can read the blog here or watch the video here.


What I used to take pictures and shoot video:
Sony RX100 M3 / DJI Osmo Mobile with my iPhone 6


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