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Me by the Husband - @EdwardKB
Hello! Thanks for stopping by and getting to know me a bit more. Here are 10 things about me:

1) My name is Jess
2) My DNA is Filipino
3) I was born and raised in London
4) I currently live in Hong Kong
5) I can't drive
6) I have a serious sweet tooth. My weakness is chocolate. 
7) I am not a morning person
8) I enjoy taking photos (Find me on Instagram @Jesso)
9) I wish I had a puppy
10) My favourite kind of music to listen to when working are movie soundtracks

I started this blog back in 2006 when it went by a different name. Fast forward to today, and after a blogging hiatus I'm back to keep this thing updated.

Here you'll find posts about the following (see below) written from the point of view of a 30-something year old. 
  • TRAVEL - Things to do, where to stay, travel tips and all that travel jazz
  • PHOTOGRAPHY - Photos I take. Things that inspire me. Apps I like. Instagram
  • BEAUTY - Products I love, like, think are meh
  • ARTS & CRAFTS - I like to make stuff
  • LIFE IN GENERAL - Tidibits, out takes, behind-the-scenes stuff, and expat adventures
Feel free to get in touch as it's always nice to hear from you!

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Some links on HelloJesso may contain affiliate links. This means if you click on a link and go through to a retailer and purchase something, I may receive a small amount or percentage. This does not add any additional cost to you. Adding affiliate links into a post occurs after a review/opinion on the product has already been formed.

I will only recommend products that I truly love and would recommend to a friend. Please be aware, that these opinions are based on my own experience. I would suggest you keep in mind your own skin type and allergies and wherever possible, test products before purchasing any of the skincare/beauty products mentioned.

Adverts and sponsorships
From time to time, I may produce sponsored content on Hello Jesso, which means I may be financially compensated to publish a blog post/campaign. I only ever work with brands that I genuinely like and feel would be relevant to readers of Hello Jesso. If I ever do a sponsored post, it will be clearly labelled.